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In-house casting and direct talent hiring


Obtaining all official permits


Full production support for creative needs


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International crew, we speak: Bulgarian, English, Russian, Greek and Spanish.

Complete Postproduction Services

Our postproduction and VFX collaborators’ team of immensely talented artists has an extensive background in the VFX industry bringing a wealth of experience from working on international blockbusters and acclaimed productions. Their creative expertise has graced the screens of blockbuster hits such as Hellboy, Angel Has Fallen, Rambo: Last Blood, and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. More recent titles include Expendables 4, The Offering, Jolt, Refuge and many more.


Bulgaria extends over a land area of 111,000 km2 and has a population of about 7.5 million people. It offers a unique diversity of reliefs and landscapes. It consists of snow-capped mountains, vast and fruitful plains. The highest peak of the Balkan peninsula, Mount Mussala, is located in Bulgaria and rises 2,925 m above sea level. Numerous villages with unique architecture and picturesque nature are spread throughout the country. Thanks to its immense geographical diversity on its territory, with 500km of the longest land route in the country, Bulgaria can offer locations for almost any scene that a film production, spot, music video, shooting… needs. Whether it’s an Everest climb, a medieval battlefield scene or a Japanese subway chase, it can all be filmed in Bulgaria. Vast beaches by the sea high mountains of about 3,000 m high with alpine landscapes wild rivers and lakes forests all kinds of roads, picturesque scenery, modern buildings and old houses, old towns with narrow streets and fortresses


Bulgaria is one of the most attractive European destinations for film productions, advertising shoots, music videos… due to its beautiful nature, four seasons, rich culture and good prices. As a member of the European Union, the country offers VAT-free services to companies from other EU member states, as well as a flat rate of 10% for personal and corporate income tax. Bulgarian costs are 30% lower than those in Central Europe and much lower compared to Western European nations, the United States and Canada. Since 2021 Bulgaria has introduced a 25% cash rebate on local spending. We provide a wide range of production services, from TV and web commercials to photo shoots, branded content and music videos. Our motivated and extremely capable team is committed to each and every job. Details are important to us, no compromises are allowed and we strive for perfection. Our keywords are: class, quality, vision, aesthetics. Along with high professional standards, we ensure a personal attitude and create a pleasant atmosphere for our clients and partners. Our Philm It Crew speaks a variety of languages, from French to Japanese, offering an exquisite level of service.