It was founded in 2015 in the city of Sofia (Bulgaria). Presided by a young, creative and inspiring team with the sole purpose of producing audiovisual content without restrictions, without barriers, without borders or labels, making each project a new challenge, a new adventure. For more than 8 years, we have collaborated with other production companies in more than 50 projects: Advertising, Music Videos, Cinema… We are pioneers in VR/AR and LED volume technology, putting in practice the most advanced technology of the moment by the hand of our collaborators, leaders in the audiovisual sector for more than twenty years. That is why for our team there are no impossible projects, there are no limits. Now, in 2023, after the incorporation of new partners, we are embarking on a new path, positioning ourselves as an independent production company, hand in hand with the best filmmakers, directors and directors of photography. We are aware that we live in a time of great global change, generational … that is why we have reinvented ourselves to be able to lead, alone, new challenges, new goals. The great moment has arrived… Shall we shoot?